Sunday, May 03, 2009

Europe 2009: Sunday, May 3rd, Willsbach

Georg's family all lived in Willsbach. I remember visiting them when I was 20 before we were married and Georg's whole family was there on vacation. We were all crammed together in Oma and Opa's (grandma and grandpa's) tiny house. The village is known for its vineyards and a rare wine called "Schwarzer Riesling", a light red wine. Today his cousins all still live here within walking distance of each other. They surprised me with a birthday party at Regina and Timo's house. Regina had prepared a special punch made with woodruff that she picked and marinated in wine, which turned it a delightful light green color. She then added champagne to the mixture and it was served in huge wine glasses. She had set the table beautifully with a purple covering and green napkins, with a huge bunch of tulips and two homemade tortes.

The whole family was there: Timo, Regina, Valentin and Elisa; Heino, Ursula, Nina and her friend Dennis; Peter, Ellie, Lea, Holger and Tanya. It was great to see them all again. Afterward we all went to a local Gasthaus for dinner where we were served fresh picked white asparagus and a wonderful buffet. In the morning we picked up little Lea from school and were able to see Holger and Tanya's new home that they are building with their own hands.

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