Monday, October 28, 2013

Los Cabos, Mexico

We had a unique opportunity to visit Los Cabos, on the Pacific side of Mexico because my brother Peter owns a timeshare and was generous enough to let us use it.  Usually on vacation we rent a house and I do a lot of the cooking and shopping, as well as keeping the bed made and house picked up.  This time all I had to think about what where and when we were going to eat, what to drink, and when to go down to the pool.  We were there nine days and for nine days it was sunny and warm.  That is the biggest appeal:  the guarantee of perfect weather.  We've been other places where you have at least a few days of rain, but not here. 

I was so impressed with the staff, from the man who raked the sand all day long, to the housekeeping staff, to the waitstaff.  Each one was friendly to a fault and seemed genuinely happy, even though they were working very hard at a menial job catering to a bunch of spoiled tourists.  The facility was spotless, dust and cobweb free, and we could have eaten off the floor.

Speaking of eating, it was only by the grace of God (and my swimming for hours on end each day) that prevented me from coming home 20 lbs heavier.  All inclusive means you can drink as many drinks and have as many meals you want, whether from the swim-up bar, the five restaurants or room service.  Our favorites were the sushi restaurant and the Italian restaurant, Portofino. 

We were among many newly married couples, or couples who actually got married at the resort.   We witnessed three such ceremonies.  The first was the most entertaining.  The groom arrived in a motorized glider which buzzed over the seated guests at water's edge with the theme music from James Bond over the loudspeaker. The glider landed and he emerged, in a white suit, to the applause and cheers of the guests.  Pumping his fists in the air, he ran through the guests to his bride who was coming down the walkway from the hotel. 

The ubiquitous Arch was on our list of things to do and we took a small boat ride to the rock formations and beaches surrounding the landmark. 

My favorite part on tropical vacation is always the sunrise and sunset, watching the sun creep up tantalizingly and this was no exception.  The view from our balcony afforded us some spectacular views.


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As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

Looks like a lovely place. I've never been to Los Cabos, but when I lived in Mississippi I had friends who regularly vacationed there.