Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Charleston Wedding - Mr. and Mrs. Snider

Jess and Lee fell in love with Charleston during their several visits there and when they got engaged they decided they wanted to bring their friends and family to the city they love to celebrate their marriage.  This June almost a hundred people traveled from Michigan and Ohio to do just that.  Despite hot and humid weather, typical for that time of year in the south, they had the fairytale wedding of their dreams.  The destination wedding afforded us all a chance to incorporate a vacation into our plans.  Michael Jon, Tifany, Nathan, Georg and I shared a condo and many of the bridal party and Jess and Lee were just across the street.  Caroline, Mike, Danielle, Joel and Linda rented a house not too far away.  Heidi, Nino and the girls and Pete and Pam were in a hotel together.

There were so many fun times that week, from sharing a meal on the ocean to swimming in our condo pool.  Nathan, who was ring bearer in the ceremony, and who is best friends with Joel, was just one of the "guys" and seemed to have the best time hanging around the young adults.  We loved having extended time with Michael, Tifany and Nathan, which we seldom have enough time to do at home.  This is a trip that will remain fondly in our memories for the rest of our lives.  But most special of all was the opportunity to see two young people, so much in love, start their new lives together.  It was a privilege to have been a part of that.  Their honeymoon was in my dream place on earth:  Kauai.

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