Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nevis: An Overview

I always gain perspective on trips when I am back home in my normal routine. It is only then I can appreciate all the people we met and the beauty we were able to see. They are memories that stay with me for a lifetime. No luxury I can buy, no house, no car, no jewelry, could ever enrich me more than the money we spend on travel. I will do it as long as I can draw breath. Thank you to everyone on Nevis who made our trip so special: from those adorable kids at St. Thomas Primary, to Isaac, to Marlon, Paterson, Armena, Ethan, Doreen and especially Jane of the Lazy Turtle.


As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

Your villa looks so pretty! What part of the island is it on? And is that little path shown in your photos one that runs from the villa to the beach?

Maggi said...

It's on the Atlantic side on the upper part of the island, right next to Nisbet Plantation. Yes, that's the path that goes to the beach.