Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nevis Day Six: More Lobster!

Some days it seems as though we are going from one meal to another on this vacation, interspersed only by napping and floating in the pool. Today we were not only treated to a free lunch AND a free dinner at two different exclusive resorts on the island, we also were personally brought a freshly caught lobster to our door. I had casually expressed the desire to cook a lobster here at the villa to Armena, the owner of the pottery we visited yesterday. She talked to someone and secured one for me from a local fisherman. They are hard to come by, because the restaurants on the island buy them all. She remembered where we were staying and brought it over personally. Amazing!

Now the question was: how the heck do I prepare this beast? After looking it up on Google, I managed to do an OK job and the result is in the fridge for tomorrow's lobster salad sandwich lunch.

Our first free meal was lunch at Nisbet Plantation next door. We had lobster sandwiches, little knowing we would have lobster delivered to us later. I am hooked on lobster, especially on some good bread, cut into chunks and simply dressed with mayo, salt and pepper. We had a lazy afternoon, then dressed for dinner at the Mt. Nevis Hotel. We got there in the nick of time for sunset. It was Mexican night. We were greeted at the entrance with tequila shots and led to our table overlooking thr twinkling lights of the island of St. Kitts.

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