Saturday, June 09, 2012

Nevis Day Five: Lobster!

Last night at the beach barbeque our maitre d', Paterson, told us of his own place called Lime Cafe on Pinney's Beach. I had been on a quest for the perfect grilled lobster and he assured me that would be the place to get it. Once there we realized we had passed by on the way to Sunshines a few days ago, right next door. Paterson greeted us with a big smile, only this time not in a dark suit, but a colorful shirt, shorts and sunglasses. He looked like a cooler, younger, more relaxed version of the formal man we had met the night before. As soon as we were seated he bought us mint-scented, ice cold washcloths, a really nice touch. There was no question what we were going to order. The Caribbean spiny lobsters are different than the Maine lobsters we typically get in the States. They are smaller and sweeter, split down the middle and grilled. He was right: it WAS the perfect grilled lobster. From now on I will be comparing all future lobster dishes with that experience.

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