Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Nevis Day Three: Schoolkids, Killer Bees and Sheep Crossings

After a lazy morning of swimming and sunning, we set out in the car on a mission. Before the trip I had read that people sometimes bring school supplies for the island children. We had packed a small collection of markers, paint pots and brushes, scissors and finger puppets and were looking for the right place to donate them.

Before long we spotted an elementary school called St. Thomas Primary School with kids running around the schoolyard for recess and we knew we'd found the right place to visit. The children swarmed around me, asking my name, asking me to take their picture, telling me I was "nice", admiring my skirt. I wished that we'd been able to bring more supplies. We had a hard time tearing ourselves away and we waved goodbye to each other until we were out of sight.

. Our next stop was of a more adult nature: the infamous Sunshines, home of the "Killer Bee". The recipe is a closely guarded secret, but is reputed to contain the homemade moonshine made on the premises. It's a colorful beach bar with an equally colorful owner. The beach at Sunshines is pleasant and restaurant patrons are entitled to use their beach chairs and umbrellas. For the second day in a row we had a lobster sandwich. Perhaps we should try to find the best lobster sandwich on Nevis? What a fun project!

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